100% organic and vegan

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100% organic and vegan - Pebeyec

The Pebeyec from TyK affinage is 100% organic and vegan. It’s name sounds like a traditional cheese. 

It’s pronounced blue crust and its extremely soft interior will disturb you ! Let yourself be surprised: the color is only the shell of this pure delight !

Description :

As well as The “petit boucan”, the Pebeyec from TyK affinage 100% organic and vegan. It has its own history in the company. The founders gave it this name because it was created at the place called Pebeyec, in Morbihan, Brittany !

This vegan cheese has something in common with the people that live in Brittany : It’s strong character outside but inside it’s sweet.


You are going to be conquered by it’s blue crust that looks like a traditional cheese from the east of France. At the first bite, the smoothness of this velvety paste will give you a nice mix between strength and finesse. 

Same as all of our products, the Pebeyec from TyK affinage 100% organic and vegan and its composition is from organic raw materials only. It’s packaging is compostable, once finished it will only retain the sweet taste of the vegan cheese.

All of our vegan cheeses are without any coloring or preservatives.

100% organic and vegan

Ingredients :

Cashew nuts* 62%, water, coconut milk*18%, salt, ferments.

Allergens : cashew nuts and coconuts milk


Nutritional value

Energy : 2209,3kj / 528,9kcal

Fat : 41,5g

Saturated fat : 11,7g

Carbohydrates : 16,8g

Sugars : 6,9g

Protein : 15,2g

Fiber : 2,8g

Salt : 2,2g

Weight : 180g

Conservation :

Once in its packaging, the Pebeyec has to stay in the refrigerator at 4°C.

The Pebeyec Minimum Durability Date is 5 weeks.

This MDD indicates the period of full taste quality. Moreover, if you eat it after its minimum durability date, it doesn’t mean that the Pebeyec is not good to be eaten anymore, it just means that the taste will be stronger and the texture might change a little bit.

Customers reviews :

Isa B : “ We love it and we eat it endlessly ! The “Petit Boucan » is creamy, melting and at the same time its crust cracks under the teeth. The “Pebeyec” is delicious, strong in taste, cold or hot: mixed with pasta or potato with nuts, a killer. I recommend it !

Chris L : “Finally, tasty alternatives to cheese! The taste in the mouth and the visuals is simply stunning!”

Amandine M : “I just tried the Pebeyec, it’s bluffing and delicious. I really like it. Bravo to you.”

Vincent H : “A delicious fake cheese, no aftertaste of cruelty.’