Compostable packaging – zero wast

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Product’s compostable packaging :

You might think that our co packaging is made with plastic but no it’s only an illusion. Which makes it a compostable wooden packagingIt’s made with wood fiber from managed forests to avoid deforestation. Depending on the variety of the refined, the compostable packaging will be micro-perforated or not.

There are two labels on the front and back to give you all the necessary information about our products. Once you have finished our vegan cheeses, you will just have to remove the 2 paper labels and you will be able to put the compostable packaging directly in your compost. Depending on the environment in which it is placed, the compostable wooden packaging will disappear in a few weeks !

One of our main criteria was to create a 100% vegan and organic cheese while using things that have a small impact on the environment. Whether it’s for the final product or during the production, we try to reduce our impact.

During the production :

While we produce we prefer washing our hands multiple times than using latex gloves.

Legal health standards want us to use a single-use paper towel. Throwing that much paper towel everyday doesn’t fit with our values, that’s why we use recycled stamens (cotton fabric squares) that we put in the laundry machine with our working clothes.

Our cardboard shipments:

To ship our products, we use as much as possible the boxes and calibration systems received from our suppliers.

When it is necessary to buy new, we use an ecological product, 100% natural and biodegradable: wood frieze (formerly called «wood straw»). The refined ones are then well protected in the boxes for transport.

The tape used to close the boxes is paper tape.

Every day new and more ecological products appear. We are on the lookout for these innovations to make our packaging evolve in this direction.

And always with the aim of improving ourselves, we are also listening to your suggestions!

Zero waste:

At TyK Affinage, we don’t throw away food !

Refined products that cannot be sold (short Minimum Durability Date, tests, weight defects, presentation, etc.) will be offered to the local association: Les Cuisiniers Solidaires.

In the offices:

Because ecology is not just a question of zero physical waste, we regularly sort our mailboxes. We avoid over-storing unnecessary data in order to move towards digital zero waste.

Of course, the printing of documents is only done when it is inevitable. 

Whenever possible we print on draft sheets.