French vegan cheese

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The Petit Boucan will bluff you with its taste and smoothness. This french vegan cheese is the identity of the company.

Description :

The Petit Boucan is vegan. The founder, Manon Boucand, gave her last name to this 100% vegan and organic cheese. Its taste will bring you memories of an ancestral traditional cheese.


Matured in caves, you will be conquered by its white and flowery crust that cracks from the first bite. You will then discover a soft and creamy heart.

Moreover, same as all of our products, the Petit Boucan is vegan and its composition is from organic raw materials only. It’s packaging is compostable, once finished it will only retain the sweet taste of the vegan cheese.

All of our vegan cheeses are without any coloring or preservatives.

Ingredients :

Cashew nuts, sel, filtered water

Allergen : cashew nuts


Nutritional value :

Energy: 1430 kj/ 345 kcal

Fat: 12,6 g 

Saturated fat : 3,5 g

Carbohydrates: 26,9 g 

Sugar: 5,3 g

Protein: 12 g

Salt: 0,6 g

Weight : 180g


Conservation :

Once in its packaging, this french vegan cheese has to stay in the refrigerator at 4°C.

The Petit Boucan Minimum Durability Date is 5 weeks.


This MDD indicates the period of full taste quality. Moreover, if you eat it after its minimum durability date, it doesn’t mean that the Petit Boucan is not good to be eaten anymore, it just means that the taste will be stronger and the texture might change a little bit.

Customers reviews :

Marie R : “A real delight. The texture is creamy and the taste is just bluffing. I highly recommend it !”

Cecile R : “Delicious french vegan cheese ! Several varieties available, great work in the realization and constant attention to the quality of the products. A real desire to propose the best, and it is a success. We ask for more ! “

Isabelle C :  “ I bought 3 “petit boucan”. I regret I didn’t buy 10 for my non-vegan friends. Le Petit Boucan is incredible, mellow, thick, succulent. Bravo to you for this wonderful find.”

Bérénice R :  “ Tested and approved! Very good vegan cheese: texture, aesthetics and taste, everything is there ! I recommend it.”