french vegan cheeses

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Is it possible to directly buy our french vegan cheeses (products) at the company ?

We don’t have any physical shop at the company. The only way to directly buy our products is when we do festivals or meet us at our stands during trade fairs.

Moreover, if you want to buy more than 20 vegan cheeses (for an event like a wedding, anniversary) you can contact us at :


Where do we find our products ?

You can find it in different bio or vegan shops in France, Belgium and Germany.

An advice, call the shop near to your house to know if they still have our products on their shelf.


What are the different types of shops that sell our products ?

Today, our products are in bio shops, on the menu of the local restaurant, in 100% vegan shops or online. Our products are sold in different areas in France. If you think that a shop near you is able to sell our french vegan cheeses, send us a message.



How can you preserve our vegan cheeses ?

If you want to preserve our vegan cheese, you must keep them in their packaging and in your refrigerator between 2 and 6°C.

After the first opening of the packaging, keep them at the same temperature and eat them quickly.


What is the deadline of conservation ?

The deadline of use is different between the two vegan cheeses. For the “Petit Boucan” it’s 4 weeks and for the “Peybeyec” is 3 weeks. 

Those deadlines inform the customer that after the date written on the vegan cheese, the product will have a low quality but the customer can still eat it. 

The more our vegan cheeses get old, the more the taste is pronounced.


Can you freeze our product ?

Yes. You can put our vegan cheese in the freezer but only once like every other product.

It’s possible that after being frozen, the texture of our product may have changed a little.


When am I supposed to take them out of the refrigerator for a tasting ?

The cold can sometimes make the product less tasteful. 

For the “Petit Boucan”, if you want a better taste, ta ke it out an hour before the tasting.

On the other hand, the “Peybeyec” doesn’t need to be taken out before the tasting, unless you want it to be more creamy. In this circumstance, you have to take it out of the refrigerator an hour before.


Do your vegan cheeses evolve the same as a normal cheese ?

Our french vegan cheeses are 100% vegetal and organic evolve with time. The wood cellulose packaging stops the evolving of the product.

Moreover, the coldness of the refrigerator stops the growth of the ferments.

After the first opening you might see a difference with the taste or the texture, it’s normal,  because when the vegan cheese is in contact with the air the ferments restart the refining process.

Which might explain why the taste and the texture change between every vegan cheeses.


Can we eat our vegan cheeses if you are on the raw food diet ?

Our french vegan cheeses 100% vegetal and organic aren’t cooked beforehand the same as the cashews.

Please consider that when the cashews are mixed to become a paste, the preparation in the blender heat by itself. The temperature can go up to 42°C. It’s rare to find the cashew completely raw because when the cashew is seperate from the nuts it needs to be put in a container that goes up to 42°C too.

french vegan cheeses- cashew nuts

The ingredients


Does our vegan cheese make us gain weight ?

Our vegan cheeses are made with rich raw material.

If you watch everything that you eat, an advice, don’t eat a full vegan cheese at one time but eat it in moderation. Our vegan cheeses are made with ingredients that are good for your health. 


Are there any coloring and preservatives agents in our vegan cheeses ?

Our products are made with raw and biological material which means that there is no trace of any dyes or preservatives. 


We hope that we answer your assumption and questions. For more information we let you check the rest of our website