vegan cheeses

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TyK affinage, organic french cashew nuts vegan cheeses, 100 % vegetal

TyK affinage, are alternatives to 100% organic ripened cheese.

They are subtle, creamy, with gourmet flavours, pronounced, sweet or intense and/or melting.

Our products, produced in an artisanal way, can be eaten like cheese. In fact, they are self-sufficient at the end of a meal. You can taste our ripened with a nice little glass of wine and/ or a nice piece of bread. You are going to love it.

All of our french vegan cheeses are 100% vegetal and organic.

Our principal concern of our artisanal company is to sublimate the ancestral recipes in order to evolve a new type of consommation more environmentally sustainable. We offer you a variety of cheese alternatives, that are with a mold rind or parsley in order to refund that pleasure of the gastroni that cheese is.


TyK Affinage wants you to see that a 100% organic cooking is the future of the traditional alimentation. Thus, offering you a choice of french vegan cheeses is giving the opportunity to change how we feed ourselves with conviction that it’s good for you and your health and the environment.

Our values :

Our raw materials are chosen in order to create the perfect vegan cheese. After being chosen they are mixed together and put in caves to finish the process and finally become our final product.

The ingredients of our ripened and the packaging are carefully chosen in order to reduce our CO2 impact on the environment.

Our providers guarantee that there is no human or animal exploitation. 

We offer you two french vegan cheeses that respect every kind of human and animal being.

  • First of all we are using biological raw materials.
  • Then, all of our vegan cheeses are produced in a way that it reduces any type of waste. Our packaging is 100% biodegradable.
  • Finally, we are 100% vegan. Which means that there’s no ingredients that come from animals.